Purple, Lavender & Hot Pink 1970's Style
 Pucci Like Blouse

My new digital camera is not doing this blouse justice.  The top is a bit lighter in color than this, but definitely VERY VIBRANT.  The predominant colors are a medium purple (a true purple not as blue purple as the photo suggests), very deep purple, hot pink and lavender with black outlining the sections.  It doesn't get much louder than this.
This vintage reproduction 1970's style shirt is
cut for plus size or  large chested women only for a change.  The eye-catching pullover is made of an extremely stretchy nylon knit (microfiber actually) that has a hint of spandex in it.  It feels like a very lightweight polyester knit and can be worn about any time of the year.  The sleeves are a bit longer than 3/4 length, but are not meant to be full length.
The blouse indicates it is hand washable in cold, which is how your favorite
CLOTHING DIVA has washed hers since she has become this size. Although this fantastic repro 70s blouse or shirt would be great for a 1960's or a 1970's theme party, your outlandish fashion provider wears hers for everyday wear.  Call it a midlife crisis if you want; I just like my clothes loud! 
Sizes:    XXXL(20 or larger) 44-46" chest before stretching
$35.00 USA S&H $4.85 
The blouse matches my Hot Pink Go Go Boots.  VISA/MC Only
It is helpful to obtain the proper fit if you state your actual numerical size under the Special Comments section on the order form.   The unique top can be worn out or tucked in.  I have done both depending on the type of pants I wore with it.
Item: Purple & Lavender Repro 70's Pucci Style Blouse

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