Deep Purple 1970's Style
Peasant Blouse

How do I even begin?  This is just so gorgeous, but one must see it in person to appreciate it.  The flowing eggplant or deep purple blouse is a somewhat dressier or more feminine version of the  1960's and 1970's style peasant blouse.   This gorgeous blouse is made of a semi sheer rayon crepe.  It's not quite as bright purple as the picture above.  The background is a very dark purple that is covered in a swirly design that is slate or denim blue outlined in a navy blue that is so dark it looks black.  The top blends well with various colors of jeans.
The fabric is very thin, but one doesn't need to wear another top under it, just a dark bra, navy blue, black, purple, etc. 
This lightweight vintage reproduction blouse
 has a drawstring tie at the neck that is adjustable.  The fabric actually will "stretch" out sideways as it has been cut on the bias so it fits somewhat clingy in areas, but again is capable of stretching through the chest area and further down.  I have the one pictured above tied at the waistline in the back with the thin ties that are on each side.  One can cut them off for a looser look.
The flowy blouse indicates that it is hand washable, but since it is 100%  rayon crepe it would likely shrink an entire size if hand washed instead of dry cleaned.  Of course if you want a size 5 you can order the 6/7 and simply hand wash it in warm water and hang it dry to achieve your size.
The sleeves are not full length by the way, but a little longer than 3/4 length.  The end of the ruffling just barely reaches one's wrist at the longest point of the ruffle. 
Petite Sizes: XS(1/2)  S(2/3)   $25.50    USA  S&H $4.65
 It is helpful with the proper fit if you state your chest size numerically under Special Comments at the bottom of the order form when ordering, but it is not required.

Item: Deep Purple Ruffly Sleeved Repro Peasant Blouse

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