Pink & Yellow Multi Psychedelic Pullover
Original 1970's Shirt Blouse

This Pucci like top is a rare find.  It is most likely from the 1960's but its psychedelic pattern make it perfect for a 60's or 70's theme party.
 It is made of a thin stretchy synthetic or polyester fabric.  The wonderful swirl of color is a bit paler than the photo.  It consists of pale pink, lavender, very pale blue and light orange, all pastels.
It has a high boat neck with a back neck zipper.  The sleeves are a bit shorter than full length, just right for displaying a loud pink bangle bracelet, which I sell separately.   The original vintage blouse is approximately a size 5 with extra chest room if needed.
It should be hand washed in cold and hung dry. 
Originally this was probably worn with tapered yellow or orange cigarette pants like the kind Mary Tyler Moore wore on the first Dick Van Dyke show, although it would look great with slinky polyester bell bottom pants as well.

Size: 5 (Room for 36" Chest)     $22.00  USA S&H $4.50  VISA/MC Only
Sale is final unless unusual circumstance that is approved.

Item: Muted Pastel Multi 60's or 70's Woman's Pullover Shirt

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