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Vintage 1960's Style Real Brown Sued Vest w Long Fringe

Do you know how hard these are to find?! 

Your favorite Clothing Diva has found another one though. 

This 1960's FLASHBACK has a soft chocolate brown suede front (so is the fringe) with a satin back. 

 It has an optional one snap front.  This one is made for women, but a small male could probably wear it if the party is dark or he is in a club.

 These vests are the final touch for creating a 1960's Hippie Look.

You may want to mention your chest size under comments so that I can send the size that best fits you.

Size: 4 - 6 (Approx 35" Around Chest)  $45.00 Priority S&H $5.40

Sale is final During October. 

Item: Brown Suede 60's Style Fringed Vest

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