Crushed Velvet Purple Bells w Zebra Inset

If you are a performer or are going to a 1970's party and you really want to STAND OUT, then THESE ARE THE PANTS. They are a true purple velvet color with a texturized feel to them.  They have somewhat of an indented pattern to the velvet.  The bottom sides of the bells have a zebra velvet triangular inset.   My men's black velvet pimp hats with the ZEBRA TRIM accent these pants nicely. 
The pants run pretty long, but can be turned up under and stapled if you don't have time to hem them shorter.  The elastic waist makes them nice and comfortable and somewhat flexible in size. 
They are MACHINE WASHABLE if turned inside out, recommend hang dry.

Sizes:   34 x 34  Purple Crushed Velvet Pant      SOLD

 PURPLE SOLD OUT - Purple Pimp Coat Available Below

Really Giant Bells  $85.00  USA S&H $8.00  Or Rent for $25.00

Men's Vintage Purple Crushed Velvet Pants -  Overnight Delivery

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Matching 3/4 length Purple Pimp Coat with Zebra Lapel is still available
 $125.00 USA S&H $11.00 
Black Heavy Nylon Pants, Black Velvet Pants with Pleating or 34" Waist White Poly 70's Pants are Available to Match

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