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Crazy Men's Jean 1970s Style Pants

These pants may not have an obvious flare (order super bellbottom jeans further below),

but they have that crazy 1970s stitching that one very rarely ever finds. 

 And they are the right shade of denim to go with about any shirt. 

These 1970s repro jeans are a true denim color and are a very lightweight denim fabric that has been prewashed. 

 They come in several sizes, but have a slim to medium upper leg width, probably not being for the husky man. Machine washable on cold.

Sold Out

Sizes:  38 maybe 40 $37.50 USA S&H $7.50  West Coast $8.00

Suggested matching shirt: Multi Psychedelic 60s/70s Shirt or USA Flag Shirt

Item: Men's Crazy Jean 60s/70S Bellbottom Pants

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