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Men's Gold Crushed Velvet 1970s Style Super Bell Bottom Pants

 This is one of the most outrageous pants I have ever seen!

They are absolutely stunning in person.

The super bells are made of original 1970's crushed velvet.

  The velvet is more luxurious and a bit heavier than any velvet made now. 
 It is soft and pliable and machine washable. 

The velvet is a loud goldish color, actually a gold with a chartreuse tint in bright light. 

The bottom of the pants are approximately 34" wide.  VERY WIDE

  The size of the bells and the reflective nature of the crushed velvet make for a very eye-catching effect.

They have an elastic waist that is flexible in size.

  The texture of the fabric makes them easy to hem shorter if necessary.  In a pinch one can simply turn them under and staple them.

They are machine washable and dryable, but it is recommended that you wash them inside out on gentle and hang dry.

I have a black silk shirt with gold metallic dots that matches these well.  Brown paisley with sparkle matches as well.


Sizes: 32-34"W x 34.5"L (waist stretches)  $164.00    S&H $7.50   VISA/MC Only

Item: Men's Pants - Gold Crushed Velvet 1970s Superbells

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