Men's Goldish Bronze Satin
1970s Style Disco Pants

These are absolutely outrageous. 
Pants like this did exist near the end of the 1970s and definitely during the disco era, but finding an original pair is virtually impossible.  Reproductions of this style are rare as well.  But your favorite fashion diva has done it. 
These dashing pants feel a lot like vintage satin, but a bit better.  They are a nice weight, not too thin like a lot of modern reproduction satin.  They are made of a combination of cotton and acetate so they have to be dry cleaned or hand washed in cold water. 
They are a dark gold or bronze color.  They match my Brown, Beige and Gold Paisley Shirt perfectly.  Black, brown, copper or beige shirts would match these pants as well.

These wonderfully reflective pants would be great for performers or a 1970s theme or disco party. Click for matching shirt Brown/Beige/Gold Stretchy Paisley 70s Style Shirt.
I think most of these have a 34" length, but those with inseams over 33" should probably email or request longer lengths if available.


Sizes: 35" x 35"    $65.00     USA S&H $7.00   VISA/MC  & PayPal Only

Item: Men's Gold Bronze Satin1970s Style Disco Pants

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