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Bluish Purple Swirl Psychedelic 1970's Style Bell Bottoms Pants


I can't look at these without recalling that incredible Hendrix concert when I experienced my own purple haze....those were the days...

Well, you can recapture them or the way we dressed anyway! 

 These are smashing reproductions of hiphugger 1960's or 1970's bellbottom pants. 

 They possess a fantastic swirl of a dark bluish purple, two shades of light blue and a touch of white.


They are made of a comfortable 96% cotton combined with 4% spandex to give them just a bit of stretch, since the fit is SNUG.

 They fit very snuggly in the thighs and flair out at the bottom naturally.

It is best to hand wash these in cold water and hang dry in order to preserve the color and size.

  They can be machine washed, but might fade and shrink.

Sizes: 27 x 31.33 &  28 x 31.33 (or longer)   $55.00  S&H 6.50 w Tracking

Purple Blue Psychedelic Swirl 60's/70's Style Bellbottom Pants

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