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Men's Baby Blue Adjustable Waist Polyester Pants

  This is a gorgeous pair of baby blue polyester tux pants.

The extremely pale blue pants are in excellent condition.  They are prom ready.  This type of pastel blue was popular in the 70s.

 This pair of pants has an adjustable waist allowing the pants to fit anywhere from a 35" waist to a 40" waist.

The pants currently have a 31" length, but they have a giant hem so they can be
let out to make them longer.

The wash n wear pants have been laundered and can be machine washed in the future.  After washing, I hung them dry.

The waist is 35" - 40" and the length is 31".

Were Buried, Found!  And Lost Looking

Sizes:  35" - 40" W x 31"  (or longer)    $30.00    USA S&H $8.50   VISA/MC Only

You may send payment via your PayPal account as well to website's email address:

 Men's Baby Blue Polyester 1970s Style Tux Pants

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For Questions, Please Email or Text 901-647-9416

We can mail USPS 24 hours a day of course and Fed Ex until 11PM CST.

Located in Memphis, TN

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