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White Stretch Patent 1970's Style Lace Up Go Go Boots
(Approximately 2" Heel )

This is a fantastic reproduction of the style go go boot that we wore in the late 60's and early 70's.

 That is, what my mother wore.  Your favorite fashion diva could not be that old....

 This is a comfortably styled and very sturdily made boot. 

Sold Out"> The heel is approximately 2" or a hair higher.  It is a comfortable height even for a child.

Please order your true size or the size that you want them to fit like. 

 The sizing of footwear can vary so I resize every pair myself. 

Found another pair. 

This one is a bit imperfect.  There is a little bit of yellowing on right front toe.

Wouldn't be noticeable at an evening party at all.

Sale is Final
Size: Sold Out

VISA/MC or PayPal Only
Might not restock these due to  price increase.

White Patent Stretch Front Lace Up 60s/70s Style Go Go Boots

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