Mahogany Brown Fashion 
1970's Style Go Go Boots

These were one of the most popular boots that I ever carried in the store.
 While moving one of our warehouses, we found some more pairs!  I've never seen anything like them.

The exterior of these boots is made of a very firm, yet totally flexible, mahogany colored polyurethane or vinyl.  The exterior, which is extremely sturdy, is a wonderfully rich color.  It is a deep rich mahogany.  The color is so dark that it passes for dark brown in most lighting.  The true color is more obvious in bright sunshine and hopefully in the photo above.
The dark coloring of the boots allows them to match variously colored outfits, such as black, dark brown, deep maroon and true mahogany.  
The toe, ankle and back heel areas are decorated with a perforate design resembling a wingtip shoe design.  The toe area has plenty of room.  The undersoles have a hidden tread to avoid slipping, great for snowy climates.  The heel is a bit over 3".  There is an inner zipper.
The calve areas are not slim.
The boots run 1/2 to one full size large.  Please order the size that you want the boots to fit like.  I size each pair of boots.  I will usually send 1/2 size smaller than ordered since the boot will fit like the size ordered that way. 
Please order your true size or the size that you want them to fit like and
state your calve size in inches under Special Comments on the order form.
Sizes: Email for Availability, ,  $48.00  USA S&H  $10.00
VISA/MC & PayPal Only  (UK Order Further Down)

Size exchanges are allowed with buyer paying all shipping costs.  Returns without exchange must be approved and buyer pays all shipping costs and a 5% restocking fee.
Mahogany Zip Up Knee or Go Go Boots

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