My pictures just don't do justice to these WONDERFULLY FLASHY  go go boots.    They are made of a stretchy black fabric that has SILVER  metallic threading running through it.  They reflect light, practically sending off sparks! Beware at a disco, ALL EYES WILL BE ON YOU.  They are a very comfortable style/design.  The fabric stretches to a custom fit, small or larger calves.  The inside is lined with a smooth fabric, no itchiness like from the original lame boots from the 60s.  As usual, Size and satisfaction are guaranteed or returnable as long as never worn with buyer paying all shipping costs.
I haven't seen metallic threaded boots since the 1960s and NEVER in black with silver.  This color probably won't be made again for another 30 years, so

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 Item: Black with Metallic Silver 1970's Style Go Go Boots

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