Flashy Red Glittery Go Go Boots

My picture just doesn't do justice to these WONDERFULLY FLASHY red lame go go boots.  I see them and all I can think is Wonder Woman!  Or someone popping out of one of those windows on Laugh-Inn wearing only a bikini and these flashy go go boots.  They are made of a stretchy red fabric that has red metallic threading running through it.  They reflect light, practically  sending off sparks. Beware at a disco, ALL EYES WILL BE ON YOU.  They are a very comfortable style/design.  The fabric stretches to a custom fit, accomodating small or larger calves.  The inside is lined with a smooth fabric, no itchiness like from the original lame boots from the 60s.  As usual, Size and satisfaction are guaranteed or returnable as long as never worn with buyer paying all shipping costs.
I haven't seen lame go go boots since the 1960s and NEVER in red.  They probably won't be made again for another 30 years, so
Sizes:       SOLD OUT FOR NOW     $45.00 S&H $9.00   
If other sizes are needed in a red go go boot, please click for the
 RED PATENT GO GO BOOTS that are available for less.


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To Order by Phone Please Call 901-324-0051 Any Day Between 1:30PM CST - 1AM
Email: BBBWWW@aol.com

Boots are exchangeable with buyer paying all shipping costs or returnable with a $5.00 restocking fee and buyer paying all shipping costs.  Fed Exed orders are not returnable.

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