This is one of the FUNKIEST BOOTS I have come across in a while.  You know your boot diva had to have a pair; I ordered a few extras for my diehard shoe followers.  These spunky somewhat GOTHIC boots were marketed as being made of suede, but they are not, so they are safe for those of you who thrive on being POLITICALLY CORRECT.  Most of the exterior appears to be made of that very slightly textured feeling faux black suede, accented so attractively with a light gray faux fur trim that I just can't get enough of.  The front of the boot has this great lace up eyelit action that looks great while allowing for a custom fit that only has to be done once as there is a full-length zipper on the inner calve.  so these will fit small to moderately large calves.  The inner lining of the calves is made of a man-made cushioned or spongy fabric.  The TOE AREA OF THESE BOOTS IS VERY WIDE,  but people with narrow feet can tighten the mid foot and ankle areas with the laces for a secure fit.  The boots don't have a steep incline as the front of the wedge bottom is ca 1 5/8" and the back heel is ca 2 1/2" in height, so they should be nice and comfortable.  I hope to pretend that I am from Switzerland and wear mine on a business trip the middle of this month!  Guess my hair might need touching up.......(it might need to be a few shades lighter in order to pull off being Swiss....)

Sizes :       Black SOLD OUT -  Brown Available   $65.00 S&H $13.00
UK S&H $36.00   Order Further Down

Item: Brown w Brown Faux Fur Trim Platform Nordic Boots

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