Glittery Purple 1960's Style Go Go Boots

Are these STUNNING or what?  Have you ever seen such a UNIQUE COLOR?  They are a very deep purplish navy or eggplant. They are made of a stretchy fabric that has metallic or lame threading running through it.  The effect is DAZZLING.  Lame boots haven't been made since the 1960's, which would be 40 years ago.  I doubt they will be made for another 40 years, so if you like a little flash and to stand apart from the crowd, the time is now!  You won't look quite the same in these 40 years from now!  (And that's if they ever make them again at all)  So splurge now and worry about what to wear them with later; although the color tends to reflect various shades of navy or purple that it is next to.  You know that plastic card is going to get used at this time of the year anyway; you might as well use it on yourself too... 
 $45.00 S&H $9.00   Sizes:  9-9.5 in custom dyed deep purple available below
Item: Purple Glittery Fabric Go Go Boots
Email if you want some boots dyed a shade of purple or lavender.
Two styles of Fuchsia Go Go Boots are coming in.
A custom dyed boot that is very deep or dark purple interspersed with silver metallic threading is available in a size 9-9.5 for $53.00 S&H $8.50
Item: Deep Purple & Silver Go Go Boots

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