Iridescent Black Sequin Halter

Simply smashing!  My camera just didn't do this one justice.  It is SPECTACULAR in person.  It is true black in color with just a hint of silver metallic threading for sparkle.  The iridescent sequins tend to reflect what other colors they are near.  I was wearing green when I took this photo.  The sequins will give off, fuchsia, purple, neon green , royal blue, etc. The underlying layer is a slinky rayon that feels like a thin knit satin.  The overlay is a rayon knit with the tiny square sequins sewn evenly over it.  The halter is very smooth when on.  It would work for a 1970s theme party or for dressing or glitzing up a modern outfit; it is definitely classy enough to work for elegant evening attire.  It would be very smart paired with a pair of full cut crepe evening pants. 
 These should be dry cleaned.  One can hand wash them, but they shrink a bit.   There is a tie at the neck and there are two lower ties, one near the the waist area and the other further up towards the bottom of the rib cage, allowing for a custom fit.   

Sizes: 2  
 $22.00 USA  S&H $4.65

Item: Black Knit & Square Sequin 70s Style Halter Top

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