Fancy Vintage Never Worn 1930s or 1950s Peep Toe Swing Shoes


This is a striking pair of never worn shoes, quite a find. 

 The little gems have some great detailing. 

 The style was usually worn in 1930s in the spring and summer with a dress appropriate for swing dancing. 

The never worn shoes are in fantastic condition.

The indicated size on these is 6, but they fit more like a 5.5 I think.

The inner sole just makes it to 9 1/10" in length.

The shoes would best fit a foot that is 8 7/8" long when standing up.

I am an experienced shoe dealer.

The soles are cushioned.

The inner sole is just 2 3/4" wide in the toe area.

The shoes may accommodate a foot width of just under 3".

The height of the heel at the lowest point is 2 1/2". 

The bottom of the shoes is made of molded smooth hard leather.  

There would be no traction as is. 

 They are completely smooth to allow for spinning during swing dancing, which can be hard to find.

I would prefer the sale to be final since these are in mint condition and never worn.

Stated shipping is US shipping cost.

 Size:  US 5.5   $49.00   UK Size 3 
   USA S&H $7.50     UK S&H $22.00 (order further down)

Fancy Women's Black Gathered Peep Toe Vintage 1930s Swing Shoes


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Sale is final with these shoes unless otherwise approved.

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