Black & White Zebra Club or  Pimp Hat

This wonderfully loud hat is actually a bit too masculine for my mannequin head.  I believe it is intended to be a MAN'S HAT, but it runs small so it will fit a small man's head, a woman's head or is ADJUSTABLE to FIT A CHILD'S HEAD. It would make a good PIMP or CLUB HAT for a small man or child.  The exterior is made of a closely cut velvet,  a 100% polyester version making it hand washable.  This hat has a VERY VERSATILE STYLE. Its design makes the hat usable for a wild frat party, a beach party, use as a club hat or as a 70's pimp hat .  So even if you purchase it for a 70s party it should be used over and over in the years to come.  The hat does run a bit small.  Its inner circumference is about 21 1/2" - 22".  There is an inner elastic pull string that ALLOWS THE HAT TO BE MADE SMALLER.  An adult man would have to have a small head or be willing to wear it out in the humidity in order to stretch it out. It is IDEAL FOR A CHILD, a woman or an ADOLESCENT MALE as its style is somewhat masculine in nature.                                                      
  Item: Zebra Bucket Hat
A steal at $10.00 plus $4.50 S&H

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