Black Pointy Fringed Ankle Boots

Yes, it is true!  SLEEK SEXY boots are now considered HIGH FASHION.  What used to be daring and naughty is "IN".  Trying to wear these all day or to the office is still daring to me though....
 And for those who prefer to be
POLITICALLY CORRECT, these boots are all man-made.  The suede like exterior is actually ultra-suede.  No animals sacrificed for fashion.
The toe has an elongated Italian-cut style that is so chic.  The heel is a hair over 3" in height, about 2" wide and ca 6/8" thick.  The boot hits at mid-calve and is small to medium in width at the top of the boot.  For example, the size 7 is a little under 12" in diameter at its widest point.  There is a hidden piece of elastic for more width next to the inner zipper.

The boots seem to run true to size, but if you have very wide feet you may want to order an 1/2 size larger.  
SIZE and FIT are GUARANTEED or exchangeble with buyer paying all shipping costs.
Sizes: 6, 6 1/2, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9  $36.00  Size 10: $40.00 S&H $9.00

ITEM: Black Fringed Mid-Calve or Ankle Boots