Tan Ultrasuede Empire Waisted
1960's/1970's Style Mini Dress

 This is one of the best reproductions of an Original 1960's or 1970's Empire Waisted Minidress that I have ever seen.   It is really hard to find original or repro 60s dresses and this one really captures the look and is very flattering for the sevelt.
The color of this little number is true tan or khaki and the crocheted sleeves are actually the same color not different as my photo may suggest.
Even though the dress has an empire waist, the torso and real waist are actually fitted.  The dress is somewhat wide or loose at the shoulder area (it can be worn off the shoulder), but it is very fitted from the top of the rib cage down through the hips and then flares a bit at the bottom.  It has a hidden side zipper to aid one in getting it on. 
These dresses are very short.  I keep meaning to add a trim to the bottom to add some length, but have not gotten around to it.  They can be worn as a long top which is currently in fashion.  To be worn as a mini dress one should probably be 5'4" or shorter, although I did have taller people in my store wear these for 70s functions even though it was a very short fit.
The dresses feel great as they are ultra suede consisting of 88% polyester and 12% spandex.
 They tend to hug the body and show every curve, but they do stretch.
Sizes: 5(32-34" chest, 34" hips), 5(36.5" hips), 6/7(34-37" chest, 37" hips), 6/7(38" hips)
Email if smaller size is desired.  I think I have more somewhere.
$38.00   USA S&H $6.50 VISA/MC Only 
These dresses seem to fit a bit more snuggly than the measurements I got and they are rather wide at the top or neck area, although two darts could easily take that in.
The dress matches black, brown and copper colored go go boots.
Returns and exchanges allowed if approved with buyer paying all shipping costs and a $5.00 restocking fee on a return with no exchange.

     Tan Ultra Suede 1960's or 1970's Style Micro Mini Dress 

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