Fabulous Purple Cut-Out 60s/70s Minidress

Isn't this ABSOLUTELY SMASHING?! In 20 years of collecting I have rarely ever found an original cut-out dress and NEVER in PURPLE.  So this little reproduction 1960s mod minidress is just as exciting. The color is TRUE PURPLE (not pale) and the color of this dress is completely even, not blotchy as either my picture or my dying screen implies.  This HOT LITTLE NUMBER is completely lined with a very thin layer of rayon and the exterior is a texurized cotton, very much like the cotton from the 60s.  It is hand washable in cold or dry cleanable, but will not shrink if put in water.
I'm afraid this wonderful little dress is for a petite person (5'4" or under) being about a size 2/3.  The area where it probably hits the hips is only about 32", but it is a bit wider below that area, almost 34".  Oddly for a dress this small, there is some chest room; it is about 32" but would fit some C cups, i.e. 30C, 31B or C, 32A or B.....
If you want matching go go boots in a purple-ish color with silver, just list on the order form, "Best Matching Purple or Plum with Silver Go Go Boot" and your true foot size.

        Item: Purple Cut-Out 1960s Style Minidress  Size 3   

$55.00  S&H $6.00  Sale is Final.

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