Pink Floral 1970's Style  Minidress

I think one would definitely get noticed entering a room in this little number!  This lively little dress possesses the loud and bright colors and patterns that were typical of the dresses of the 1960's and 1970's.  I have dealt with vintage clothing for 2 decades and it is harder than one might think to find a brightly colored large floral printed minidress that is ATTRACTIVE. There are plenty of tacky or "old woman polyester" ones out there though. This is an EYE-CATCHING and CUTE reproduction 1970s style minidress.  It is cut for a very straight and slender figure and is available only in SMALL sizes. 
 It has the look and feel of cotton, yet is is made of a breathable textured 100% polyester.
This spunky dress does have a WONDERFULLY BRIGHT impact and would pair very nicely with a pair of my white patent or dyed purple go go boots for a SMASHING 60s or 70s LOOK.
 Item: Pink Floral Repro 1970's Minidress  
Sizes: 0-1 (S)  2-3 (M)  3-4 (L) Possible sz.5  $24.00 S&H $5.50
(The dress runs small and is very NARROW HIPPED so it would fit some children and very slender adolescents and adults.)

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