Mod 1960s Style Black & Lime
Go Go or  Mini Dress

Original 60s style mod minidresses are very hard to find as are reproductions.  This is one of the best reproductions of an early 60s dress I've ever had.  It would make a great dress for Mrs. Peel or the chick in The Mod Squad.
It's a lightweight knit mini dress that feels like cotton knit, but it is acrylic. 
The top layer has a drop waist look to it and its texture is that of a small ribknit.  The colors in the top are black, true yellow, lime and a dark turquoise.
Black or lime patent go go boots would look great with this. 
The skirt area has belt loops at the hip level that are optional.  The dress looks fine as it is or one can put a flashy patent leather or chain belt through at the hip level. 
The dress is about a size 3/4. 
The chest measures 30" -32".  The waist is around 24", small.  The hip area is around 34" so it would best fit hips that are 33" or less. 
The dress is long enough for someone who is 5'5" if they are very thin, but probably best for someone 5'4" or shorter. 
The dress has been worn, but it is in great condition with no spots, holes or imperfections.  One can tell it has been washed though.  It can be machine washed inside out.  It is perfectly clean now.
Email if lime go go boots are needed with desired size.
Returns are allowed with email approval and buyer paying all shipping costs except between 10/15 - 11/05.  Exchange is always allowed.

Size: 3/4   $32.00  USA S&H $6.45

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