Black with Gold & Silver Lame
60s/70s Style Go Go Dress

Isn't this ABSOLUTELY SMASHING?!  My camera didn't fully catch the beauty of the fabric of this reproduction of a 1960's or 1970's style GO GO DRESS.  The background color of the stretchy polyester pullover is black.  It has  GOLD and SILVER threading running all through it producing a DAZZLING glitter effect. The bottom is lined with black tassels that have gold metallic threading in them. 
The eye-catching mini dress is quite small as it is meant for a very slender and straight build.  It is about a size 2 as the hips measure 30" without stretching them.  The chest area may be a size 4 as it measures about 30" and would probably accommodate a bit larger size. The minidress is made of thin polyester knit, very lightweight, but not see thru.  The chest area is lined.  The spaghetti straps criss cross in the back.
This wonderfully sparkly little dress is perfect for a
1960's Mod Look, a 1970's Disco Party or as a way too small dress for a Pimp N' Ho outfit. Although it would be great for club dancing as well.  It can be worn with black strappy platform sandals or silver or gold pumps since it contains both colors.  Gold or black pumps are ideal though.
Once again, the dress will best fit a very tiny female or one with a straight figure - almost no hips. 
Size: 2 (Chest Sz.3/4)  Chest - ca 30"    Hips 30"    
$45.00    USA S&H $5.50  VISA/MC Only

 During October sale is basically final.  Other months US residents must have approval in order to exchange for an item of equal or greater value with buyer paying all shipping costs.  Buyer must contact and seek exchange approval within 5 days of receiving item.
Item: Black with Gold & Silver Lame 60s Style Go Go Dress

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