Fabulous Vintage Mid 60s Pink, Lime & Gold Lamé Mod
Cocktail Mini Dress Size 14


This sparkling gem really has to be seen in person to fully appreciate.

The cut of this dazzler is really timeless, but the fabric is definitely associated with the mid 60s to early 70s.

I can't even imagine what fabric like this would cost these days if one could even find it.

In person, all of the colors are really a bit subtle, yet the combination makes a huge impact, just gorgeous.

The background is a pale mint green fabric that feels like a linen silk blend.

The shade of pink is a prettier shade than the photos imply. 

The pink sections look like a silk linen blend and are bordered by gold lamé. 

The darker green areas are a lime olivish green metallic (lamé) threading that is bordered with the gold lamé as well.


The sparkling dress look like a today's size 14 to me, maybe smaller in the hips.

There's a lot of chest room.  It is 21" wide in front and 19" wide in back for a total of 40".

The cut would fit a 36C, a 36D or a 38B or 38C.

The waist is 37". 

The hip area is just 41".

There are hidden pockets in front and a back plastic zipper.

The dress is fully lined with pink acetate and just beautiful inside too.  No signs of wear, no sweat stains. 

The only tag is one of those union label/worker tags.

The length of the dress would probably work for someone 5'4" to 5' 8" in height.   


The only real imperfections I'm seeing are the two spots near the bottom that my camera make look darker than they are.

In person they are less obvious (not as dark) and blend in with all of the gold and green lamé.

Other than that, the dress has little to no wear.  It's in very good condition.

Today's Size 14

Chest: 40" Around (36C, 36D, 38B & 38C Fit)

Waist: 32"  Semi Fitted or Loose Fit

Hips: 37", meant to fit loosely

Shoulder to Waist: 17" - 17.5"

Full Length: 36 1/2" Shoulder to Bottom

***** The dress is in very good condition with a few Spots as shown. *****

I may have your size in gold go go boots to go with this.

SALE IS FINAL - During Oct.

Size: 14

Cost: $65.00  S&H $9.00 Priority, 2-3 Day Fed Ex $22.00


Fabulous Gold Lamé, Green Lamé, & Pink Mad Men Era Vintage 1960s Mini Dress

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