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Men's Two Tone Western Shirt with Black Velvet & Rope Appliqué

In Tan/Black or White/Black

 The rope appliqué and the two tone coloring of these shirts make them quite eye-catching.

They are quite sturdy as they 70% polyester and 30% cotton fabric has a good weight to it.  The fabric is not thin.

 The black velvet front yolk has appliquéd rope on the front.  The back yolk has the rope appliqué as well as a bull and rider.

The front pockets are real and trimmed with black piping.  The snaps are black.

This shirt is available in White with Black Velvet at the top.

The shirts have a bit of store wear. Some velvet is worn off at the top of the shoulders above wear the hanger hits it.

Am selling as imperfect.

Hand washing and dry cleaning preserves the life of the fabric.

Men's 70s Pants       

Disco chains and matching 70s aviator eyeglasses available below. 

Sizes:   S (38 Chest Fit/18 Shoulder/31 Slv/27.5L)   XL   (44 Fit Chest)   $37.00  USA S&H $6.59 

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Men's Two Tone White & Black Western Shirt with Rope Appliqué

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