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Men's Original Vintage Cream & Navy Blue 1970's Disco Shirt

Slender Extra Long Cut M - L, 38 1/2 Sleeve


This original 70s shirt has a wonderful large fly collar.

I had a bunch of these never worn shirts at one time.  The houseboy just found this one buried in the warehouse.

After hand washing this, it is now a today's Med. - Lrg.  Extra Long even though the original size tag says

size XL.  It also says, "Tall Man". 

This one will fit a 40" chest as it measures 44" around at the armpit level.

The background color of the slinky shirt is cream in color.

The other colors are navy blue, copper, peach, tan and a medium blue.

The shirt would match navy blue, medium blue, copper, peach or denim pants.

The chest is  40 1/2" wide, but the shirt is very tapered.  It is actually cut to fit a 36 extra long.

The sleeve length is a very rare 37 1/2".

After wearing, machine wash inside out on gentle and hang dry.

Men's 70s Pants       

Original Vintage!

Size:  M - L Long/Tall (40" Chest Fit/38.5" Sleeve)   46.00   USA S&H $5.20  Priority

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Extra Tall Slender Men's Vintage Cream & Navy 1970's Fly Collar Disco Shirt

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