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        Gold with Gold Swirl 70s Men's Disco Shirt

My camera did not do this one justice.  This shirt is actually quite DAZZLING and EYE-CATCHING.  The background consists of a TRUE GOLD  (not yellow gold) silk that is wonderfully SPLASHED with a METALLIC GOLD SWIRL that is more visible in person.  It definitely gets one's attention and will reflect light beautifully.   This CLASSY yet LOUD reproduction 1970's style shirt is perfect for a disco party or a vocal performance.  This handsome number is made of 75% silk and 25% metallic threading.
If you have a party to go to and you don't want to buy pants, then THIS IS THE SHIRT FOR YOU. This shirt is so FLASHY that no one will even notice what pants you are wearing!
These handsome devils run large.

Sizes:    SOLD     $00.00 S&H $5.00

Item: Gold with Gold Swirl 1970s Style Disco Shirt

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