Men's Leopard or Cheetah Creeper Shoe

This FLASHY shoe is both comfortable and eye catching! It would make a great club or dance shoe as well as matching a wild 1970s look.  These match some black vinyl pants I carry as a matter of fact or any solid black, dark brown, beige or tan bell bottoms, most of which I can provide just for the asking.  Your favorite CLOTHING DIVA has a WAREHOUSE FULL of 1970s clothes, shoes and boots as you know.  Although fairly modern customers have used this shoe for 1970's parties here in Memphis even though it is more of a 1980's style.   
Sizes:  8, 8 1/2, 9, 9 1/2  $65.00 Worn Pair:$50.00 S&H $12.00 Email if size 10 needed 
Item: Leopard Men's Platform Creeper Shoes

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