Men's Brown 60s Leather Ankle Boots Beatle 8

These sturdy vintage all leather boots have some great detailing.

Their color is an even medium to dark brown.

 The coloring is not as mottled as my photo indicates.  My camera oversaturated the color a bit.

The top of the ankle vamp is vented on both sides and has an adjustable strap around it.

Although these are vintage shoes, the cut of the toe is timeless.  It's not so dramatic that it looks costumy. 

The detailing of the shoes is very balanced so that they can be worn now and look smart and current with a hint of vintage.

There's no inner zipper, but the ankle strap allows for entry room.

The undersoles are made of hard smooth leather that one doesn't find as much these days.

I think the boots have been reheeled as the heels look barely worn at all.

The heel looks like layered hard leather with a tough rubber bottom.

The heels are a hair over 1 1/4" in height.

The indicated size is 8 E.

They don't look that wide to me.  Toe width is a little under 4".

The innersole is 10 5/8" long.

I think these would best fit a 10 1/3" long foot.

The innersole reads Freeman Free-Flex.

Size 8 E, Width Looks Normal, not Wide

Innersole Length: 10 5/8"

Foot Length to Best Fit Boots: 10 1/3"

Boot Width: A hair under 4"

Boots may be returned as long as not torn up by a too large or too wide foot that has tried them on. 

People did that a lot in my store if not monitored while trying on footwear...

Stated shipping is for US.

International shipping runs higher of course.


 Size:  8 Regular Width  $48.00    $36.00   USA S&H $9.60   (West Coast $11.40)

UK Approximately $26.00 S&H

Fed Ex S&H $26.00 

 Men's 1960s Brown Leather Beatle Ankle Boots

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For Questions Please Email or Call 901-324-0051 Any Day Between 12:30PM CST - 12AM

These boots are returnable if they don't fit minus your shipping charges and a 4% restocking fee.

Shoes are not returnable during the Halloween season or during October.

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