Never Worn Vintage 60s/70s Ankle Boots

Are these babies sweet or what?!  They are 30-40 years old and still NEVER WORN!  And as if that isn't enough they are FLORSHEIMS to boot!  The uppers are a  beautiful RICH chocolate brown SOFT PLIABLE quality leather.  They are leather lined as well.  I believe the sewn on soles are made of compressed leather.  The bottom layer of the heel is a hard rubber.  These are a size 8 and may even fit an 8 1/2.  They do not run small.  The implied width is a D, but it looks more like a today's B.  The width measures approximately 3 7/8". These MINT CONDITION babies would cost over $150 these days.  Am I out of my mind?!  I just want a deserving pair of feet to be encased in them, to experience the luxury without paying the usual cost. 

Item #F78  $54.00 S&H $7.50

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