Flashy Two-Tone 1970's Style
       Toffee Loafers   

Are these GREAT or what?!  
I can't decide if these are
STYLIN or just plain FLASHY.  
These two tone beauties are all man-made, but made very well.  The man-made shoes combine the texture of faux alligator and faux ostrich patent vinyl.  They are predominantly a medium brown alternating with a deep toffee.  Their unique color combination allow them to be quite flexible with what they will match, such as copper pants, various shades of brown pants, various shades of rust colored pants, toffee pants or black pants.  They have nice skidproof flexible soles.  The heel is just a bit over 1", so one could be comfortable discoing in these men's shoes at a 1970s party all night long while still making an
These handsome devils can
Run True to Size to Large.  So please don't order larger than your actual size.  
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Item: Men's Two-Tone 1970's Style Toffee Loafer Shoes

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