Turquoise Blue Rabbit 1980's Style
 Purse Handbag

I realize fur is totally decadent and that I should be shot for ordering these bags, but just look at them! 
Is there anything more wonderful feeling than a big ball of fur?
Furthermore, the contrast of the large and boldly colorful brooches against the soft delicate pastel fur is absolutely
GORGEOUS.  When one sees these bags in person, one simply cannot resist!  My camera wasn't able to catch the truly gorgeous look of these bags. 
For any serious purse collector or those of use who are unlawfully eccentric,
 this handbag is a must!

The purse is cut in a 1980's style.  It's a decent size, not microscopic like so many purses made today.  It is about 13" across and 10" deep in the middle.  The bottom curves as it approaches the sides.  The soft twisted leather strap is of medium length so that the purse can be worn as a shoulder bag by most people (not those of us who are plus sized though) or carried like a clutch. The design really screams 1980's.  The inside is fully lined with a polyester/nylon type fabric.  There is pocket for a cell phone or smokes and on the other side is a zipper compartment. 
And there is of course the wonderful broche that is attached to a flat leather strap.  The purse has a hidden magnet closure at the top of the purse and there is another one attached to the underside of the broche so that it can snap shut as well (two closure areas).  What a look.  The dark and colorfully jeweled metal broche or buckle makes a very striking contrast against the soft pale fur.

If you absolutely love the bag, but have a problem with fur, you might tell yourself that the rabbit fur is probably a man made synthetic fur.  The manufacturer has assured me that these purses are real fur, but I don't see how they could mass produce them.  They feel real, but who really knows.  Although, they are priced like real fur....They are unique and posses the eye-catching broche clasp which is rare for a purse.  One would make a great gift. 
$75.00    USA S&H   $7.50    VISA/MC & PayPal Only (Sale is Final with Fur Bags)
    Turquoise Blue Rabbit Fur with Jeweled Clasp Handbag Purse

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