Leopard Print Velvet Cloak

My picture just doesn't do this one justice.  This unique ANIMAL PRINT cloak is made of a lightweight velvet with black satin trim.  It CAN LOOK DRESSY over a black minidress, slinky black pants outfit or jumpsuit or it can LOOK PIMPIN over a funky 1970s outfit.  The length is between 3/4 and ankle length on most people.  On very short people they are often full length; it also just depends on the size.  The cloak also comes in a same sized leopard pattern w/o the larger brown spots that you see.  The cloaks are hand washable, but I recommend dry cleaning. 
Item: Lightweight Velvet Leopard Cloak   $33.50 S&H $6.50
Sizes: 4/5 5/6 7/8 (Larger sizes sold out)

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