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Men's Original Vintage 1970's Copper Polyester Bell Bottom Pants

         There's nothing quite the look of the original double knit polyester pants.

The above pair of pants has been sold and replaced with two more pairs of original vintage cheesy copper or rust polyester pants. 

The copper or rust color is one of the staple colors from the 70's.  Furniture and other housewares were often this color as well.

  They are fairly loud and perfect for a 70's party.  They can easily be pimped out as well.

One pair of replacement pants is a loud shiny rust colored polyester with a good size bell at the bottom. 

They are 32" W (with room to let out the waist) by a little over 33" in length.

The other pair is a copper pair of polyester pants with metal slides on the sides that allow one to adjust the waist size. 

 The waist will fit a waist as small as 31" up to 36".  The length is approximately 30" with a generous 2" or greater hem. 

 This pair does not have an obvious flare, but is very 70s looking since it has the Sansabelt waist style.

The pant are machine wash and dry.

 Pictured Pants are SOLD  1st Order Button  Matching Paisley Shirt

Larger Pants Size:  32-36" W x 30L Sansabelt Style   $30.00  2nd Order Button

Loud Rust Color Polyester Bells 32 x 33    

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Sansabelt Style Copper Poly 70s Pants  32-36 x 30    $30.00

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